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Slider or has several different parts to it.  Here you will find the best pro players and their stories along with everything you need to know about them

  • Pro’s Story
  • Pro’s Equipment & Keybindings
  • Pro’s Stats, Team and Earnings
  • All their Socials and channels

This site also helps you fix any technical issue you are having with the game.  Most common of issues are voice chat, ping and lag fixes.  These fixes may also help with other games or simply for your computer as well.  Here is what the site currently offers.

  • Voice Chat Issues
  • Ping & Lag Issues
  • Fortnite Tutorials
  • and so much more to come!

Lastly, this site will keep you in style showing all the newest Fortnite Gear check out our collection!

I hope you do enjoy the site.  I hope it also answers all your questions and are able to fix any problems you may have!