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Ali “SypherPK” Hassan

About SypherPK

SypherPK is the nickname of an American multiplayer gamer Ali Hassan born on May 10, 1996. His birthplace is the Austin, Texas. Sypher still lives in Austin, Texas, but now with his wife, Daniela, who is known by her online nickname, “manishie.” He owns an adorable dog, mostly seen in the pictures he posts on the net.  All of SypherPK social medias are linked above this if you would like to follow him.

He began playing video games at the age of eight when his father gifted him the PlayStation 2 on his birthday. His first favorite games were Crash Bandicoot and Jack and Dexter. One day in the library of his elementary school he saw the older kids using one of the library computers to play Runescape. The concept of online multiplayer was something outside of his spectrum, and he never considered that as a possibility. He remained watching his schoolmate play the game and started asking questions related to the game. Sypher was genuinely amazed to see the life-like characters of the video game. When he got home that same day he ran to his computer and typed in the URL “run” and “escape” “.com”– that is how he remembered the Runescape URL. Ever since then he has been hooked on multiplayer games. He has a hard time playing anything that isn’t multiplayer. Games like Runescape, The Elder Scrolls Online, Overwatch, and For Honor helped him understand the aspect of multiplayer function and have given him the multiplayer aspect that makes him one of the best online gamers.

As a part of his studies in middle school, he was given homework to do a documentary-style video for his history class. This assignment awakens his interest in online content creation. He started learning more about online gaming content, to finally start shooting recording ‘RuneScape’ gameplay videos using ‘HyperCam.’ In a struggle to share the recordings with a bigger audience, Sypher started his ‘YouTube’ channel in January 2011 titled ‘SypherPK.’ However, he started posting regularly in 2012.

Originally, Sypher mostly played and posted ‘RuneScape,’ and most of them were overly edited ‘RuneScape PvP’ montages. At the start, he had help from his younger siblings in editing and creating gaming content for the channel. Sypher also started live-streams on ‘Twitch.’ As the time passed by, his brothers stopped helping him, so he began working simultaneously on his ‘YouTube’ channel and his ‘Twitch’ profile alone.  The Elder Scrolls Online’ was the next multiplayer game that Sypher played with great success. After that, he began posting montages on video games that were soon to be launched. This turned out to be a life-changer and very profitable move for his gaming profession, as he earned a huge number of viewers overnight. ‘Twitch’ recognized him as a great, so he became a partner.

SypherPK Dog

Fortnite success

The global success of Fortnite can be simmered down to two ideas: a development team that is always striving on improving the game, and an immense online community that includes streamers such as SypherPK on Twitch and YouTube earning publicity to the game.

It is a story that is alike to Minecraft; a devoted developer and content authors highlighting the skill and insane feats the game enables them to do. Sypher took advantage of this opportunity and begun creating content for ‘Fortnite Battle Royale.’ He enrolled at the university to study business, but shortly after that, he took a break so he can focus on his career as a professional gamer. He is a full-time streamer and is planning to play at the highest level. Because of his huge fan base on both of his accounts; on ‘Twitch’ and ‘YouTube,’ he has a fan club known as the ‘SypherHood.’ With fun base with over a million fans Sypher has now emerged as one of the most famous multiplayer gamers. Sypher has also collaborated with many other famous professional gamers such as ‘Ninja,’ ‘Nick Eh 30,’ ‘HighDistortion,’ ‘NickMercs,’ ‘Dakotaz,’ and ‘Myth.’  and he is a part of ‘Luminosity’s team.’

SypherPK “goes to work” every day at 7 am (US Central Time) live on, and later the same day he uploads the highlights of the day onto his YouTube channel. If you want to be entertained by a highly talented player and at the same time learn something about the ever-changing game of Fortnite, SypherPK is a great streamer to follow. He will teach you so much about the game by providing in-depth commentary on what he is doing and what tactics he uses. ‘How To Win’ series provide excellent insight into strategies, play styles and weapons to use. However, he makes it look a lot easier than it is. It takes a lot of practice to do be able to do the moves he does as quickly as he does it. He also provides useful info on what videos he spectates and comments on what their techniques as if they are a pro. In order to bound more with his fans, he occasionally plays random duos and ends up teaming with young kids which can be pretty amusing to watch.  Once he even found a new player in random duos that sang and played the ukulele for him even making his wife cry.  This is one of his most viewed YouTube videos and there are currently 3 of them in the series.

His net worth is estimated $180K through the online gaming and won prizes on Fortnite game tournaments. SypherPK holds a merchandise line that increases his profits additionally. His products can be found on the website ‘’

SypherPK keyboard

SypherPK uses the Corsair K95 keyboard to play Fortnite Battle Royal. This keyboard is RGB Keyboard with the Platinum finish that makes it ultra smooth to use and feel. It has very high detail, and it is recommended to all home gamers who want to take their game to the next level. The unique feature that  Corsair K95 offers and it recognizable by are the six unique keys in left side called Launch Codes (G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6) which could be configured or customize the keyboard to your requirements.

SypherPK keybinds

SypherPK bindings are quite unique matched to other professional streamer and players. The building structures make the game of Fortnite truly creative and these settings are focusing on having your buildings on buttons that you normally use for weapon slots.

SypherPK Fortnite Keybinds

Controls Input
Jump Space Bar
Use F
Crouch Left CTRL
Harvesting Tool Tab
Weapon Slot 1 E
Weapon Slot 2 R
Weapon Slot 3 C
Weapon Slot 4 X
Weapon Slot 5 Z
Switch Quickbar n/a
Building Slot 1 (Wall) Q
Building Slot 2 (Floor) Mouse Thumb Button 4
Building Slot 3 (Stairs) Mouse Thumb Button 5
Building Slot 4 (Roof) Middle Mouse Wheel
Trap Slot T
Inventory I

SypherPK‘s Team and Stats

SypherPK‘s Channels

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